San Francisco Part 2

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Get up, do the usual work, let’s go to Stanford!
Even though we were in contact with the Stanford University, we couldn’t get an appointment at the famous facility, because the lab was still closed for the winter holidays.
Nevertheless there was a lot to see! In addition to a great campus, Stanford University also has one of the largest Rodin collections in the world. Even to whom the name François-Auguste-René Rodin says nothing, certainly knows some sculptures by the French artist.



The next day we visited a university that was probably equally interesting.
We had a meeting at the Advanced Media Institute of UC Berkeley with Vicki Hammarstedt. To put it briefly: She liked the technology and could also imagine some further points of application. Like our contact person at the City Museum of Helsinki, the storytelling with digital learning media was important to her. One solution to this would be the stronger integration of Serious Gaming.
Since Vicki also teaches “data visualization” at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, there was also an interesting discussion about the use of 360 ° video in journalism.



We are moving again!
From Oakland we went to the heart of the IT industry: The Silicon Valley.
Our new home is Mountain View. Among other things, we made a visit at a Museum of the NASA.


Obviously, we also visited at Microsoft facilities.


In general, one could say that we did a lot of communication in Mountain View. For example, we could get a lot of interesting contacts at meet-ups or at our visits at Microsoft or google.

By the way, we also had a little misfortune in our apartment … A burning microwave! Fortunately, we noticed the smoke immediately and could get out of the situation with a laugh.


On Sunday, it’s time to go to Texas!

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