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Even though we expected turbulences due to the pilot’s announcement, we would not have expected that the harsh flight conditions would cause a part of the luggage compartment to fall on Lukas head. Perfect comfort conditions on a multi-hour flight …
However, after we left the storm behind, we were rewarded with a great view of the Rockies:


Arriving at the airport, we noticed that Dallas is probably one of the quietest American cities we have been visiting on our trip so far.
Although we spent the first night in the center of the city, the streets were as good as empty.


But the people we met were all the friendlier, not so direct, and impersonal as some of the folks on the east and west coast … Although this is some complaining is on an unreasonable high level.

On the second day, we went straight to Rowlett, where we talked to the principal of the Rowlett High School – Michelle Bounds – about the presentation opportunities for the next few days. The RWS is also the partner school of our former school: the Fürstenberg-Gymnasium. It quickly became clear that we would have a lot of work on Wednesday. This assumption was also confirmed after we could present our project and the technology to a total of 130 pupils from 6 different classes. Of course, there were a few small breaks. So, the biology teacher Shelley Meyers took us to her classroom to show us her animal and reptile collection. Luke was almost the victim of a pretty big snake.


Since Philipp and Lukas have already been at the Rowlett High School almost three years ago, they could see some familiar faces again.

The next day we went to the same pace again. This time, there was also an editor of the regional press. One can only hope that she has not used our name tags as a source. Philipp had a new surname because of a misunderstanding:

Translation: Bürk Driver License

In addition to the normal classes, we also had some other students. The visit of the “Three Germans” seemed to be relatively fast known by a lot of students.
Overall, we had two great and productive days in Rowlett.

On Thursday, we went to Lakeview Centennial High School. Once again, we had the same structure: Three German high school students with a suitcase full of technology in the library. However, as the classes here were a little bit more spontaneous, we had no fixed plans. So, one time we even had to be awakened from a small nap by three students. If you can not quite understand why we were using a 15-minute break to sleep, you must remember that we had to get up at five o’clock every morning to set up the technology before the beginning of the lesson.

Last weekday, last school: Friday, we were at the North Garland High School, which has a special focus on natural sciences. Perfect for physics modules in the Cyber Classroom or virtual reality learning software for heart, photosynthesis, or plastics. In addition to the interest in the futuristic learning methods, the students were also really interested in our project. We had some good conversations! What was particularly strange for many of the students was the fact that many German students take a year off before they go to college or university. They seem to have a more direct way in their educational career.
With almost eight hours of presentation plus other work per day, these weeks were probably one of the most strenuous of the trip – but also one of the most interesting. And with the local hospitality one also likes to stay a little longer in the school!

Now for the weekend, we try to get an appointment at the regional science museum.
We will keep you up to date!

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