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From Texas, we went to Massachusetts. Despite our short stay of two days there are some interesting appointments for us!

On the first day, we went to Harvard University to introduce our technology to the people who are responsible for EcoMuve. Of course, we could also get an insight on their work.


EcoMUVE is a project which was developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to provide students with immersive virtual environments. Those are supposed to provide them with knowledge about ecosystems and causal patterns. EcoMUVE was developed by the Institute of Educational Science (IES), U.S. Department of Education.
MUVEs (Multi-User Virtual Environments) are three-dimensional virtual worlds that have a similar appearance to video games. They are used by computers and in this case to create an authentic framework in which the students explore and collect information. Students work individually on their computers and work together in teams in the virtual world. The immersive interface allows students to acquire knowledge by exploring and solving problems in realistic environments.


EcoMUVE comprises two modules: Pond and forest. Each module is a two-week ecosystem curriculum, built in a virtual ecosystem.


Before we would have return to New York by bus, we could visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Our contact person was Scott Greenwald. Scott is a graduate student working on learning and training environments in virtual reality. He investigates how spatial knowledge in the fields of physics, biology and chemistry can be acquired through space-related, motion-oriented virtual interaction.
Particularly exciting for us was his work in the field of Social-VR. This could lead to a certain degree of social interaction in virtual learning. Scott also has some contacts in Germany, which might be quite interesting for our further travels.

We’ll stay in contact!

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