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Finally, back to Europe!


Pretty exhausted, we arrived at the airport and went straight to our apartment. Since sleeping on the plane did not quite go as planned, we stayed there for the rest of the day and had some rest.
This week there should be some interesting appointments and events.

On the first day, for example, we went directly to The Foundry , where we had a conversation with the Head of Education, Nicki Morris. In the discussion, it soon became apparent that they are currently promoting a lot of interesting plans for a collaboration between educational institutions and the industry and thus the use of digital media. Let’s see how we can contribute something to it in the future …

At noon, we went to the bett . The bett show is one of the biggest fairs, which deals with digital education. Since it was from the 24. to the 27th of January, we went there almost every day between our other dates.


In the evening, we went to a VR-, MR- and AR-Meet-Up on the Google campus. The organizers were kind enough to let us present our technology, which was quite stressful as the Meet-Up was visited by 150 – 200 people. Despite the hustle and bustle, we could make some new interesting contacts.

Next day, next meeting. From the apartment, we went to downtown to a meeting with Mativision . Mativision is a company which works on virtual reality or 360 ° livestreams. We think their work in the field of medical education was particularly interesting. Inn this topic our two contacts were able to acquire a lot knowledge in the livestreaming of operations. Such technologies could be of particular interest to countries with missing infrastructures, as they could lead to a more location independent education.
On Friday we met with some people from the Reality Lab after the bett. Although they primarily work on the development of video games, there were some interesting conversations. One aspect that many people had addressed in our presentations was the lack of storytelling. For many topics, it is important to create a context. So, the Reality Lab employees were the right people to contact. Of course, there were also some interesting conversations that might also affect our final report.

After the weekend, on which we could have a look at London’s sights, as well as the bett, we went to Medical Realities on Monday morning.
Medical Realities offers medical training products and is specialized in VR, AR and Serious Gaming. By using already established virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift, Medical Realities can reduce the cost to users, reach a broader audience and provide a completely new learning environment for medical students. We remain in contact with our contact partners. It was particularly interesting that they also collected feedback from ca. 350 students. We are looking forward to the results!
On the same day we had our last appointment in London. It was a meeting at the UCL Institute of Education . In addition to the current state of research, we also discussed the use of digital training technologies in developing countries and the process of integrating such technologies into education.

After a successful week in London, we will go back to Germany on Wednesday, where an appointment at the Academy of Applied Sciences awaits in Hamburg. Then we continue to Rostock. We are looking forward to the students and teachers of the Werkstattschule!

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