Hamburg: University of Applied Sciences

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Get up at two o’clock in the morning, take the bus to the airport, fly to Hamburg, go to the University of Applied Sciences.

During our mid-way stop in Hamburg, we met Prof. Dr. Ing. Boris Tolg to talk a little about our project and our technology, but also to get to know some of his work. His medical pedagogical approach is a virtual environment in which young medics are prepared to deal with patients.

At the moment, many studies or universities use actors who perform certain illnesses or injuries. However, in most cases, this is too complex and cost-intensive. Mr. Tolg’s variant of practicing the anamnesis not only saves money, but could also enable many students to train a large part of the diagnosis process from home.


So far, the whole thing runs in a cave. A clear advantage of this technology is that several people can use it – or several students can be “taught” – at the same time. The team also works with a HTC Vive.

On this well-known hardware, we were also given some first insights into the master thesis of one of Mr. Tolg’s co-workers.
Simply put, it is about creating a very realistic simulation of moorland in order to sensitize the later users to the loss of these great landscape sections. The first impressions were very convincing. No wonder the developer has already been able to get in contact with organizations like the NABU.

After a brief look at these exciting works, we went on to Rostock.

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