Our trip to the Baltic Sea

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From Hamburg, we went quite fast to Rostock. As we arrived at the Baltic Sea, we were picked up by our two contact partners, two teachers of the Werkstattschule, at the train station.

The next few days we were allowed to live at a student’s house. After we had left our luggage at his place, we went on to the Ocean, where we could explore the coast a bit after a really good dinner.


Since we had to wake up (way too) early from on the next day we decided not to walk too much.

 Shared breakfast with the cat of the host
Shared breakfast with the cat of the host

After our technology was set up, we were able to present our project and a part of the future educational possibilities to several classes and teachers.


At noon there was a presentation for teachers and other interested people. Among other attenders, an editor of the Ostsee-Zeitung was also present. You can find her article about us here. Even though this audience was somewhat more critical, we believe that we could communicate our position and ideas quite well.


Although we had been in the school for over 10 hours after the performance, the day was far from over. The eleventh classes organized their annual dinner evening, which we could generously attend. In addition to good food, there was also some entertainment, which – in comparison – even made some TV shows appear boring.

The next day, there was only a presentation for grade 12 and some elementary school children. A very different audience: While it was a little difficult at the beginning to get the high school students to try out the technology, the primary school children could hardly be held back.

In summary, we had two great days in Rostock, partly due to the hospitality of the teachers and students. Many Thanks!

Even if our journey is slowly coming to an end, there are still some stations left. Our next stop is Berlin!

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