Once again, our trip leads us to Berlin!

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Although we’ve already been in Berlin in December, we made a second visit to the German capital.
This time the “Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum” and the “Porsche Digital Lab” were our destinations. Both facilities were very interesting!

On Monday, we visited the school to introduce our digital learning methods, but also to collect data.


In general, it can be said that we were dealing here with an extremely interesting school concept. The focus of the “Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum” is on self-organized and individualized learning. The students work in special rooms on topics as German, English, Mathematics, Nature and Society. In those, they can decide for themselves what they want and when they want to learn it. Thus, individualization is possible with respect to time intensity per subject, complexity and the relationships in the classroom. The appointment for their respective performance records can be selected by themselves. This leads to an increase in autonomy and thus (in many cases) to more motivation. As an aid to this independent form of learning the pupils receive a logbook.


We were very convinced by this alternative to frontal lessons. Above all, thanks to the high degree of autonomy, we could imagine the use of digital learning media in this case as unproblematic and useful. If, for example, you think of pure virtual reality, you will quickly realize that the user is largely isolated from his environment. By incorporating such technologies into those special learning environments, this short-term loss of social interaction would be a no problem. So, we could imagine a similar use of the technology as in the skills lab of the University of Ulm.
In addition to very good and useful feedback from the pupils, we also got the opportunity to talk with the teachers about the integration of new technologies.

In the Porsche Digital Lab, the whole team gave us a little time to discuss our ideas and to give us a small insight into its work.


To sum it up, the Digital Lab acts as a platform for the dialogue and the cooperation with technology companies, start-ups and the science. The goal is to identify and test new information technologies as flexibly and quickly as possible. If you are wondering why they did not place the lab near the Headquarter in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, you will find the answer in Berlin’s growing start-up scene. A further factor for the geographical separation from the head office is the resulting independence and thus the spontaneity in “trying out” new technologies. This is particularly important when you keep the dynamics of the IT industry in mind. In addition to VR technology for vehicle sales, the use of virtual reality in training was also of particular interest to us. Through visualizations or VR-applications for different vehicle types, one could supply the employees with much more comprehensive knowledge in regards to the entire product range.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of interesting ideas and approaches to discover!

We left Berlin on Friday. We were heading back to the south of Germany, to be more precise to Munich.
To be a little bit thought-provoking: Apart from virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality is also a promising tool for education.

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