Our last appointments in Germany

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Our journey was not over yet!


Among other facilities, we visited the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notfallmedizin Fürth e.V. This is a training facility for emergency- and rescue-staff. Even if the appointment was not very far from our hometown, it was at least as interesting as some meetings on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It was above all – thanks to the enormous hospitality of our hosts – one of the most pleasant appointments. Among other things we got a great apartment in one of the surrounding villages. We have seldom rejoiced so much about a little rest.

In our lecture, we were expected by a small audience, anyways it was really good because the people who came were really interested. Thus, during the lecture some interesting conversational approaches were formed for the later dialogue. Among other things, the guests were very interested in the possibilities for the training of entire groups in virtual reality, so to say Social VR. A simple example of immersive learning media for rescue workers we had already been able to get to know at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Anyway, we believe that VR-goggles are going to be the main solution for training applications, due to the higher realism. We remain in contact with the facility in any case, since there were some very ambitious people. Perhaps there will be something very interesting in the future!


After our stay in Nürnberg we went back to the north of Germany. We visited the “Industriepark Wolfgang” to give some EVONIK-trainees an impression of the Cyber-Classroom. We will see them again on the long night of training.
After the short exchange with the trainees we went to Basel, where we spent another night before we gave our technology away on the next day in Lörrach.


Meanwhile we are back in Donaueschingen. In the next time you can look forward to a travel summary and some exciting information about our final report.

But until then we want to thank everybody who accompanied and supported our journey. We hope that we could give you a good insight into our project and our ideas.

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