imsimity GmbHThe Imsimity GmbH has developed the Cyber-Classroom in 2009. The learning software is used internationally at schools, colleges, science houses or in research projects. Our innovation-travel has been developed from a joint school project with this special Company.

EVONIK Industries has been committed to the integration of cutting-edge learning methods for several years and made it possible for many schools to enter the complementary learning methods, which are Party enabled with the Cyber-Classroom. Evonik is a close  and reliable partner of the imsimity GmbH and fortunately Supports our project as well.


ASUS unterstützt uns mit zuverlässiger und leistungsstarker Hardware.
ASUS supports us with reliable and powerful hardware.


Wir sind froh darüber dieses traditionsreicher Unternehmen aus dem Schwarzwald als einen unserer Kooperationspartner für unsere Reise zu haben.
We are glad to have this traditional company from the Black Forest as one of our partners for our trip.


 Die German Fire Protection Association sieht ihren Tätigkeitsbereich in der Beratung von privaten und öffentlichen Einrichtungen im In- und Ausland mit Bezug oder Bedarf im Bereich der allgemeinen zivilen Gefahrenabwehr. Durch die Brandschutzaufklärung ist der Kontakt zum Cyber-Classroom und somit zu unserem Projekt entsanden.

The German Fire Protection Association sees its field of activity in the eduaction of international private and public institutions in the field of the general civilian secruity issues. Through this institution developed the contact to the Cyber-Classroom and our Project.



The University of Ulm is really innovative in terms of e-Learning. Therefore, we are happy to have them as a partner.


As our former School the Fürstenberg Gymnasium Donaueschingen has familiarized us with the Cyber-Classroom and helped us in the planning of the trip.